Excursion to Salerno

The city always proposes more as an attraction for tourists and visitors from all over the world.

In recent years has been given a strong impetus to urban renovation and the recovery of functions socio-economic territory: ancient monuments and churches have been restored; new parks and gardens inaugurated in urban areas; streets and squares have been carefully decorated and illuminated artistically; numerous spaces retrieved for artistic activities, cultural and recreational activities; enhanced also the sports facilities with the construction of new facilities. Were made countless projects aimed at improving the livability of neighborhoods and, more generally, in raising the level of quality of life of citizens.

Impressive and extraordinary, in the historic center of Salerno can characteraised both the traces of the ancient history of the city, so much the fervour of craft shops and local aggregation of artistic-cultural and musical events attracting thousands of people.

The recovery of the heart of the ancient city has focused on discovering the treasures of art and culture of a land exceptional.

Today, through the alleys and squares, churches and palaces, you can read the past citizen, you will be able to perceive an image of the events that have followed in the course of time, and the witness of the splendour, the economic prosperity, social and cultural of the past centuries.

In the summer period, on the other hand, there are those who prefer the historical center, the cool air of the promenade is just a few meters away from the ancient area of Salerno.