Excursion to Paestum


Paestum, in the province of Salerno, and without a doubt the most beautiful city of Magna Graecia in Italy.

Declared by Unesco a World Heritage Site, the town boasts the three Greek temples among the best preserved in the world: the Basilica, a temple of was (half VI century b.c. ), the so-called Temple of Neptune (V century b.c. ), the most impressive, supported by forty columns in travertine, and the Temple of Ceres (in fact dedicated to the goddess Athena).

The three majestic temples, which rise in the verdant plains and that they are readily visible, even from the sea, are the large buildings, made in the doric style, which the Greeks (who in 600 bc had founded the city, giving it the name of Posidonia Oceanica) devoted to the gods of the Olympus to obtain kindness and protection.

The vision of the three temples that exude a different light depending on the hours and seasons, won the modern visitor as he captured, in the years of the Grand Tour, that of the past. And many were the writers, poets and artists (including Goethe, Shelley, Canova, Piranesi), who have visited these evocative places describing them in their travel diaries or in depictions.

The guided tour in the archaeological area of Paestum requires an hour and a half approximately, in an hour instead and you can see the most important pieces of the nearby archaeological museum rich in vases, sculptures and headstones frescoed.